Clay Berg started in 2001 to record his first demo and after his first demo did'nt land him a recorddeal he decided to make his first elpee on his own. He Released the mini album called "The Preview"in 2005 independently and did a distribution deal with CDBABY. He made two musicvideos for the album and released them online. And soon after, he released a movie(The preview dvd) about "The Preview album" and released it online. He then went to perform in small clubs and venues in Holland for promotion for the album and as an artist. With the help from CDBABy he sold a couple cd's offline worldwide( China, Japan, France, USA, Germany).
In 2006 he went to Surinam and promoted "The Preview" cd on the radio and tvstations. That went well and received good reviews and airplay.
In 2007 Clay started working on new songs for a mixtape.
The song "Amsterdam is the place to be" called attention from a radio station "Juize FM" in Holland
It was the song of the week at that time. They called him on the phone and held a short interview with him about the song Amsterdam"
When Clay made the song "What you want", a recordcompany from the US send him an email and told him that they liked the song "What you want" and that they wanted to sign him. But it never happened.
Then Clay took a 4 year break from making music.
And started in 2011 recording on songs again.
To be continued.....